chassis 11AK20M-3 ????

First forgive my english , I write from Spain.Now my case:I`ve got a Tv set 14" Basic Line Mod:BL-3743 and my baby brokes the remote control.It`s impossible for me to meet one original or compatible.The chassis inside the tv is 11ak20m-3 and inside the remote is VESTEL 11UV23 , with a microchip M3004LD from ST.Thanks for listen to me.

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Buenas tardes si Ud es un profesional pongase en concatco con ASWO al 902 342 626 y tenemos este mando disponible Un saludo

Did you try these ? and

It doesn't seem much wider in specs (from what I remember) than their Core V1 mITX cube case. Though it seems to be longer and taller.

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Now there is no way this belongs in this forum, but it deserves an honorable mention since it's an ITX case. I won't go into too much detail ...

Hi! I have some trouble with this tv. Can u say where i can get service manual for this or any other tv based on GP3? I need all CHK settings. thank`s.