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The State Senate of SC has a passed a bill related to the ObamaCare rules related to concerns about the government turning our health records over to the IRS

When called upon such a senator responded
"Is information about whether or not you have health insurance that covers certain things, is that a health record? And if so, isn't that requiring that a health record be turned over?"

So newly minted debators

Given that a person is now required to provide to the IRS proof of coverage; Is that in itself, a medical record being turned over to the government.
ie. Not having the proof, implies that you are not eligible for insurance for medical reasons; the government has stated that they are covering reasonable financial costs (personally, I think that this is bull, but a separate issue)

Does not providing proof; allow the government to intrude into areas of your lifestyle(medical areas) that it should not be?

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Probable answsers

Quote: Originally Posted by dank69 I honestly don't see how proof of coverage could be construed as a medical record. Proof of auto coverage is not considered a part ...