850 add-on ?


I've just purchased a 850. First impression is good.
Although the batteries that ship with the unit last about 10 pictures. But, maybe I'm playing around too much :roll:

Now, I've discovered there is a threaded ring on the body around the lens. It's not ON the lens, so installing a filter is a no-no.
Now what's this for? Anybody got a clue?
Any other nifty add-on's available for this camera? (Besides the docking station).



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Thanks for the info Cedric! And make sure to post the outcome of the Olympus try-out

If you read DPreview HP 850 review you'll see that HP850 is one of bester digital cameras for noise reduction... I have HP 850 since 2 months 1/2 and it's really a good camera My gallery : http://photos.chatterie-koolkat.com ...

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Anyone can test this by using 12 hour time and setting the camera to 12:05 pm. Take a photo and then look at it on the camera. If you press the OK button, the date and time will show. Do you see 12:05 am ...

I was on ebay last night and saw some there, but like the guy said after you get done with shipping it's silly for a piece of plastic.

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i bought an 850 but it didn't come with the insert for the camera dock. does anyone know if i can purchase just the insert and from where. thanx

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