Wtb: Rmit Mkt Sem 4 Textbook

Hi looking for this 2 textbooks:

Business Ethics and Values:
Individual, Corporate and
International Perspectives
by Colin Fisher, Alan Lovell
3rd Edition

Service Quality
Essentials of Services Marketing
by Christopher Lovelock, Jochen
Wirtz and Patricia Chew
1st Edition

anyone got can sms 94237181. thank you.

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If you still want one I have one. It only powers up when it feels like it. Works great when it starts up... contact jeferee at hotmail.com

Sorry, want an FM2 or FM2+

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Depends on the subject u choose. There are some that only mornings/afternoons but u have to attend more days in a week. There are others that occupy morning + afternoon but the no. of days in a week to attend is ...

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