HCI J2 graduate selling notes/books

High scorer in hci Prelim 2009 (top 10% of cohort for Physics and Econs, in the top 30% of cohort overall) wishes to sell:


* SMU H3 Econs notes
* J1 GP notes/handouts
* J1 H2 Chem notes/tutorials
* J1 Economics H2 tutorials
* J1 and J2 H2 Physics Lecture notes/Tutorials


* H3 Economics
* Games of Strategy by Dixit and Skeath (in good condition with some comments on it)

* GP Matters (Volume 1) by Robert Wilks
* GP Power by Robert Wilks
* 1100 Words You Need To Know (Barrons) (useful for SAT)
* Word lists (useful for SAT)
* GCE A Level GP Essay Library (Redspot)

H2 Chemistry
* collection of questions on redox/stoichiometry by Sam Lee (hci teacher)
* Guide to QA for O level by J Rasanayagam (almost-new, can come in useful for A level QA)

H2 Mathematics
* My First Step In Using TI84-Plus for H1 and H2 Math (author: Lam Yui-Png; general editor: Dr Spario Soon)

H2 Economics
* challenging drill questions for H1-H2 (by Thomas Bond and Chris Hughes, hedgehog series) (some questions done in pencil, but the essay and case study questions behind are untouched)
* challenging drill solutions for H1-H2 (by Thomas Bond and Chris Hughes, hedgehog series)
* Developing Data Response Skills in GCE A Level Economics (photocopied version, some things written in pencil) (by Malcolm Frost)
* A Level Economics Worked Solutions 2002-2007
* Economics TYS 1997-2007
* Other JC Prelim Papers Questions 2008 (some marks in pencil)
* Other JC Prelim Papers Answers 2008 (this has the hci questions and answers)
* All JC Prelim Papers Questions 2009 (marks in pencil, some teacher's comments in pen)
* Other JC Prelim Papers Answers 2009 (no hci answers) (marks in pencil)

Please contact me at diaboroomni [at] yahoo.com.sg .

Probable answsers

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Seems to have gone up in price. Not that I blame you

nice of you... once someone told me he wanted to sell off his solutions (for another course) for like $10...and only like for 1 module and i was disgusted...

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