SD Cards matter

I'm another new boy on the block with, I'm told, my RasPi on the way.
I've just bought an SD4 Kingston 8GB card in readiness and had some issues trying to access it through two different card readers.Other older cards I have worked OK though they were much lower capacity.I then tried the Kingston in my laptop card slot and it worked OK as it did on my Kodak printer card reader slot. I could access & write to it as it should.
On comparing the contact side of the new Kingston & other two older working cards I noticed a different "pinning" style which may be the reason of non compatability with the admittedly older card readers. I wonder if anyone else has made this observation and would value a reply on the matter. I do hope the SD socket on the RasPi is up to date for the later card contact arrangement!!

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Probable answsers

If I read your post correctly, your SD card is not reading properly in your OLD card readers correct?The reason your older card reader is not working is because your new card is not an SD card. Its an SDHC or SDXC ...

I remember back in the summer, this question arose on the developer list, and it was asserted there that any manufacturer's card should work. This literally is the first I've heard of one that doesn't work. ...

Just found this link of a compactflash test using an E-20 and a C-5050: Maybe it can give you an idea of how some cards perform.


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I'm about to buy some compactflash cards for my E-20, there a difference in compactflash cards? My question focuses on the speed of the cards. Some companies (Lexar is one, I think) label their ...


Following the other threads, it sounds like any RS-MMC card should work. No dual voltage, not MMCmobile (higher speed) needed. I have a 512 MB RS-MMC card labelled TakeMS. it's the most simple version, I ...