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I've looked at a number of forum posts and appreciate that powered USB hubs are essential and that WiFi dongles might need specific drivers to be applied. I've even managed to get my NetGear N150 WiFi working ......................... up to a point.

The little blue light comes on (pretty), I get an IP address through DHCP (great), I can ping the outside world (Ooh! Pingy!). But when I plug my mouse and/or keyboard in the WiFi fails after a few seconds.

I tried using two powered hubs, one for mouse and keyboard, one for WiFi. It still didn't work.

I've tried plugging each of the hubs into the sockets on the RPi and I've tried chaining one off another. It still didn't work.

I've tried putting the keyboard or mouse into the RPi, and the other devices into a powered hub. It still didn't work.

I've tried powering the RPi from a variety of Nokia phone chargers and from a mains-miniUSB adapter. It still didn't work.

I'm sure it must be a problem with the combination of devices I'm using ( a Newlink USB hub (, a Logik USB hub (, a Netgear N150 WiFi dongle, an Asda "value" keyboard and an Asda "value" mouse) or the way I'm plugging them in!

So, my question is this: rather than a list of devices which are known to work with RPi, is there a list of combinations of devices known to work with RPi? Someone, somewhere must have a working RPi with USB hub(s), keyboard, mouse and WiFi all sitting comfortably together.

Many thanks in anticipation of a reply that will stop me and my stepson tearing our hair out.

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Probable answsers

Thanks for your reply, Insectecutor, you sound like a person who knows hardware and a bit of Linux. Neither are my forte, I'm a long-in-the-tooth systems developer.And that's why this is so irritating to me. The ...

The "correct" IP is the one handed to the router. The machine behind the router can only be reached if the NAT capable router is set to forward the needed incoming ports to said machine.Before I reveal ...

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