Ok I hadn't run any kind of spyware check in a couple of months but was doing a complete clean up today and did a quick check....to be honest I didn't expect to find anything as my firewall hadn't flagged anything out of the ordinary requesting an outgoing connection

however ad-aware picked up on 22 seperate files oO
these have now been quarrantined but my question is what good is spyware when it doesn't dial home?

my understanding of spyware was that it collected information about a user before sending that information to the developers server....also I have not noticed any changes to my browser (I use Opera by default but also checked IE's settings with no change)

I double checked the allowed/blocked list(s) in my firewall but nothing seems to appear there other than those programs i recognise and expected to be there.

so what exactly is the point of this spyware - it does not dial home, I have not being experiencing pop-ups (even when using IE which doe not have a pop-up blocker) or other changes to internet settings - so what have they been doing??