I am purchasing a home. It has 2 walls that are panneled and painted white in the living room and there are beams on the ceiling that are not structual. They are for looks only. I would like to get ride the panneling and the beams. I took phone plate off and saw that there is sheet Rock back behind the paneling it does not seem to be glued to the sheet rock. There are two other walls in the room that have a knock down texture that looks srayed. I was thinking of getting a mud-dobber to match the texture. Could that be done? Also how do you texture over a wall that is already textured ( Incase I have to do the whole room). Do you think that taking the beams down will tear up the sheet rock on the ceiling to bad? I was plaining on patching any tears from the beam removal.with joint compound and buying touch up cans for the acoustical ceil texture. Any feed back would be appreciated.