I am building a new home and to save money, I am finishing the basement alone. I have patched drywall several times in the past, but have never started from scratch. I have a couple questions: I have a 4th bedroom that I'm going to sheetrock all 4 walls and the ceiling. I have a large rec. room that is 40' long x 18' wide that I am going to do all 4 walls and the cieling in drywall. I have a laundry room that I am doing the 4 walls only, it will have a drop ceiling, and finally a 3rd bathroom that I am doing the 4 walls and it will have a drop ceiling. I have ran all the electric, t.v. and phone lines in the wooden studs. i will be insulating next. Should I use 1/2" or 5/8" drywall? Is it a matter of Code or what's the difference? What size drywall screws do you reccomend for the walls and ceiling? What type of tape should I buy, the solid rolls, or the new perforated self adhesive type? What type of mud should I buy? Do I start with the ceiling and then go to the walls? When doing the walls do I start at the top or bottom? Should I use 4 x8 or 4x 12 sheets and why? I was told to buy a 5",8" and 10" mud blade for doing my joints, is this neccessary or is someone trying to sell me some tools? Finally, is their a bulding code for drywalling and if so what does it cover? Any help you could give is appreciated. Any additional suggestions are also appreciated. Thanks in advance.