Epson 2000P and larger prints?

I have a epson 2000p printer and havent figured out how to print a photo larger then 8x10. All the edit programs only have 8x10 as the largest option so how can I print larger size? Please help . Thanks. :?:

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"edit programs"? which ones are you referring to? in PS you edit/set the image size and send it to the printer. even elements works like that. on your printer software you are just telling the ...

epson, defintly, I have the epson Gt7000, the equliavant to the 1200 before it was introduced

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Decisions, Decisions! Can't decide! Comparible specs but I want slide/negative scanning capability which I have to buy extra for the HP. The epson is only USB, the HP I can go USB or parrallel. I read where ...