7970 Crossfire 12.11 Artifacts

So around the release of AMD's 12.8 drivers, I started to notice the classic black artifacts in alot of my games. The two games i've had the most trouble with are Sanctum, which runs on the Unreal Tournament 3 Engine if I am not mistaken, and CoD:BO which is Id Tech 3, with modifications i believe. Now in Santum i have been able to solve this problem by disabling V-sync. But in CoD:BO ive had no luck, i have tried all the drivers though 12.11 Beta 6, and have had no luck. and been doing complete uninstalls. I really hope someone might be able to tell me even if they are experiencing the same problems as myself, and if they have found any way to correct them. Windows 7 x64 is fully patched also.

MoBo: Asus Crosshair Formula V
CPU: AMD FX-8150 @ 4.5 Ghz
GPU: 2x XFX 7970 DD 1100/1500
RAM: 24 GB 4x8GB Corsair Vengance 1866 @ 1600 Mhz
SSD: Corsair Force GT 240 GB x2 RAID 0
HDD: WD 2x 1TB Caviar Black RAID 0
PSU: SeaSonic 860+ Platinum

Probable answsers

Its not the black edition, just the double D.

I'm not really concerned with compression at this point - just appearance.

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