Mid-level AV Receivers: Marantz NR1603, Onkyo NR515, Denon 2113CI, Yamaha RX-V673

I'm considering buying a mid-level AV receiver for use with my HDTV. I'm looking for something with 50 to 100w of power per channel and network capabilities (DLNA, Internet radio playback, etc.) and 7.1 sound (with ability to output to a 2nd zone, maybe)

So far, I'm considering:
marantz nr1603 onkyo nr515 denon 2113ci yamaha rx-v673
A friend of mine who does A/V installs likes marantz and can get me it at dealer cost. He says they're reliable and well built, but don't always have the latest and greatest tech.

The onkyo seems to have the most, but from what I've read in certain forums, they tend to have lots of little "issues".

Both denon and yamaha seem like good options as well, but I can't dig up as much about them.

Does anyone have any opinions on these?

Probable answsers

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