Hello All. I've just been surveying the achives in the pest control forum and I'm starting to get a little paranoid about the condition of some of the wooden beams under the first floor of my house. Its something that I've noticed for a long time but never really thought it was any big deal until the wife commented on the kitchen floor being a little spongy?
This house has been passed down from generation to generation and I have extensive knowledge of it and I know that there was not a cellar under one section for a long time.
It is in this section that some of the wooden beams have very tiny (about 1/16") holes throughout them. I'm thinking that these holes are powder post beetles.
Although I have never seen any, is there any way you could see if they are still active or do they ever go away once they set up residence?
I know I can take my jackknife and push it into any of these effected beams at least an inch or so. Of course, with this house being over 100 years old many of these beams are 8" thick or more and are hand hewn, there is still alot of wood there.
Is it feasible to remove the effected beams or do these beetles travel around alot and get into every one of them?
I'm not afraid of jacking this thing up and removing the effected areas as I have replaced one side of the foundation already and had no problems with that. Thanx.