I have wood floors throughout my home and I noticed last night a couple of spots in my bedroom where the planks appear to be rotting away. I assume it's termites. I guess I will have to call an exterminator Monday, but I'd like to know if there's anything I should know so I don't get scammed. Any advice on how to find a good exterminator? How do they check for termites? How do they treat for termites? Will they treat the entire house? I have a basement, main floor, and the attic is one long room (my daughters bedroom). And what about outside? I have a privacy fence all around my approximate 1/2 acre. Will this cost me thousands of dollars? Hundreds? I'm just beside myself over this. After I take care of this problem, should I have the house treated every so many years? How often? Is this something I can do myself, or one of those cases where it is best left to the professionals?

I've done some research on the web and found Home Choice Detector and Baiting System from ePest.com. They also mention spot treating before installing the system. They talk about Premise 2 Termiticide and Bora Care. My question now is do I have to do BOTH the Premise and the Bora Care. It says to use the Premise you form a small ditch around the house and pour in the Premise 2. For the Bora Care you have to drill holes in the foundation and then pour in the Bora Care. Can I just use the Premise, or do I also have to use the Bora Care? It was just unclear as to whether you use one or the other or both.