My house was built in 1986 and termites were found today around a door frame going into the basement area during the regularly scheduled inspection. I was told that the chemical originally used to treat the foundation, etc. is no longer providing protection due to time and now I have termites.

The termite inspector said that he can no longer use liquid chemicals to treat for termites because I have added a waterproofing system that uses sump pumps and the state prevents the use of liquid chemicals where the chemical can get into the water table. Further, he said that my only protection going forward was a bait-type system like the sentricon System, which his company offers.

I've known this termite inspector for over ten years and would like to trust what he's telling me. He said there are a couple of other bait-type systems available but that his company only has the sentricon System, which he believes is "as good" as there is. He went on to tell me that since they can no longer use the chemical that was used back in the early '60s there is nothing that really protects against termites with anywhere near 100% certainty. He seemed to be honest about the fact that there's no guarantee I won't have an ongoing problem.

I really don't see where I have any other choice but to go with the sentricon system! Is that a fair assessment?

Also, my basement area has a dirt floor with plastic covering it. Would it be a good idea to have them install some of the sentricon units in the basement area...or just around the outside perimeter of the foundation?

Lastly, he estimated that my house would take about 25 to 30 units. (He is coming out tomorrow to graph out the foundation of the house and determine exactly where and how many units will be installed. He quoted me a cost of $1,200 for the sentricon System installation and $265 for the yearly contract. My old contract was only $122 per year so I guess there is more "expected" maintenance, etc. for the pest control company when a bait-type system is used. Does this installation price and yearly contract price sound fair?

I would appreciate any advice or imput.