Hello all,

I'm looking for some input as to whether or not this sounds reasonable as I have no clue.

I decided to have a termite inspection by a local guy who came recomended by a couple friends. Reason is, I found some larvae in the mulch of my beds.

Anyway, good news he found no damage on house. He did point out some areas that were condusive to termites though (example: where wood siding comes down and sets right on expansion joint between slab and porch slab).

His recomendation if I wanted to was to treat the condusive areas with .06% concentration termidor, through little holes in porch slab.......18 holes total......for a cost of $300.

He said he will use about 32 gallons of treatment. Does this sound reasonable?

18 treated spots, 32 gallons of solution......

Any opinions?