I've had two termite inspections on a house that I bought just over a year ago. The initial inspection was required for the sale of the house, and the second one occurred just a month ago due to an annual contract that the seller assigned to me.

It is a raised, wood-frame house, built in 1928. There is a crawlspace underneath it that is accessible if you dig a small hole so you can fit underneath the built-down trim along the sides.

In neither inspection did the inspector go underneath the house to inspect for subterranians. They merely looked around near all the baseboards, asked me if i've seen any wings, or noticed any swarming pests.

Is it true that if I had subs that there would be swarming indications or evidence within the home? I am thinking I may have stumbled upon some lazy inspectors who didn't want to throw on their protective gear and roll around in the dirt for an hour. Shouldn't they go below and check for mud tubes and evidence of infestation in the floor joists?

Main reason I ask is that various portions of my wood floors have begun to creak just a bit, and there is a somewhat soft feel to the floor in one specific area. Neither of these areas is near a room with plumbing or any wet areas. It's entirely possible I've just become more in-tune to the house and these were always there, but thinking back on my experiences with the termite inspections makes me wonder!

Some advice of what a good termite inspection entails? Thanks!