Hello bug people,

I will start by saying that I am going to call an expert for this job. I just wanted to talk about it, get more informed, and maybe get some suggestion to alleviate my wife's termite nightmares.

My main problem is water. My 1880 brick hillside house is built on bedrock. Water seeps into the ground, hits the rock, and comes trickling into my crawlspace. It's nothing new, it's been doing it for a century. The secondary problem is that this moist environment has led to years of termite damage (the house was never treated, and has been unoccupied for 20 years). Several floor joists turned to paper dust at the touch of a finger. As far as I can see, the termites have started on the hardwood floor, but there was no sign of them in any of the lathe. I don't know if the colony is still active or not, I'm assuming they will be in the spring.

My plan is to get an inspector, then have him treat the house when I have the floors torn up.

I was wondering if there is anything I should be aware of, considering we are dealing with the following factors: I am going to tear up the floors and repair/replace joists; this may be a perpetually wet crawlspace; springtime is upon us and I can hear those little buggers yawning and stretching down there in the dirt; and most importantly, I don't want to get ripped off.

Any input is much appreciated.