Why is it that if you were to tent your house the company that is tenting will not take responsiblity if they brake your tile roof?
First of all we just had our roof fixed so another added cost would be way too much,second isn't there other ways of getting rude of these creatures from %#?!. I hate them.
I never thought you could actually hear them eatting the floor until we started to remodel and tear the carpet out and remove some of the flooring. When we saw some demage to one corner of the room near the old heater I told my hubby."Or my god you could hear them under the floor. Our contractor said "yes ', You can hear them if you listen. That really sent goose bumps and creeped me out big time. Later some of them becasue I little hole was on the floor started to fly out so we sprayed with copper green and then of course I hit them them a shovel and then covered it with plastic in case more tried to come out. From all the noise later that day we saw some in the patio and then my hubby saw some in the front yard so they didn;t like the copper green. When our contractor fixed that piece of wood he only found two of the termites and killed them the others were gone. I know it's too good to be true thinking their gone but we could only hope they moved away from the house. They saw they are swaming and they are confussed because of the weather patterns.
I was hitting one or two and up to five one night and the cat was on patrol too. I hated to be in that room. We haven't seen any since that one night but flying in the patio tonight we saw one.
If you pay to have the house tented I heard they don't really use ggod gas anymore and it just doesn't last or kill so what is worth the money and safe for people like me who has allergies ????????