We are looking at get a pest control and termite prevention services. Both services are the same across most companies. The termite is a quarterly and its the tubes in the ground with wood and poison type thing for all. Two or so offer insurance that covers any damage to your home (including structural) if you get an infestation with the tube system which makes me lean to them. Its the pest control I am unsure about. Some companies do once year service. Others do twice a year. Some do quarterly and then others do each month. Of course each says each service is as effective.

What I am wondering is for a pest service what is the best schedule to have to effectively keep pests out? Also, how effective are the termite tube/bait systems that go in the ground? Just as an FYI, as far as we know we have no termites (visual inspections and no visible indications of it) and the only pest problem we have is a few ants sometimes in the summer, spiders or lady bugs. So I am looking at this as preventing these and future pests. Definitely looking at the termite prevention for peace of mind.

Thanks in advance.