Hi all,my name is Ivan from Hong Kong and am going to tell you my horrible experience about ordering livewires ear plugs.UNTIL NOW i still cannot get money back or ear plugs!!!!!!!

About three months ago,i heard some people talking about the cheapest CM plugs and it has finally driven me to do my first CM plugs.On 01 july,07,i ordered a pair of livewires plugs and ship via EMS from TTVJ.Here is the order confirmation.

Then i asked TTVJ stuff about the processes of CM products and i did my ear-mold and shipped it to the livewires ,arrived on 17 july,07.

After a month,i asked that about my plugs and on 21 Aug,i was told by the livewires that my package was sent pn 2nd Aug.But it was already 20 days ago!!!!!!!!And i chose via EMS and it should be around a week or less and ironically,they shipped me via USPS.

Okay!Well,i was confused and asked for the reason but they didn`t reply my questions.The only method to know my package is the track no. and they replyed me as followings.

I tried to track my package from USPS but it only showed me "acceptance".Thereby,i asked them again how long and what should i do if i cannt get it and told them that i chose to ship via EMS but not USPS.Afterward,i know that they would probably earn my money exactly from the shipping,then i questioned them about the shipping and tried to ask for refund.Otherwise,i would post this event here.
About 5/9/07,Mr John Diles replied me with extremely impolite and superficial attitude for this event.


We will take the steps today to refund your money. There are certain decisions that need to be made in any business as to whether or not it is worthwhile to continue to do business with an individual. It has become very clear to us that it is a waste of our time to continue to do business with you. We are quite certain that the delivery problem lies somewhere over there in your country rather than ours. WE SHIPPED YOUR livewires IN GOOD FAITH AND HAVE AMPLE PROOF THAT WE DID SO. If your package had been returned to the US, we would have received it by now. We are quite tired of your threats to post negative things about us in Head-Fi. We will have no choice but to defend ourselves by posting your poorly written ramblings on Head-Fi for all to see. Our reputation at Head-Fi is impeccable and will remain so regardless of what you write. You are getting a full refund. Now, please just go away and stop bothering us with your threats. We have many satisfied customers and we need to focus our attention on them. Todd at TTVJ is fully aware of our decision to terminate this transaction.

John Diles
3740 Castro Valley Blvd. Ste. A-1
Castro Valley, California 94546
510-583-7707 fax
510-219-3071 cell
I was shocked after i received such horrible reply from Mr.John Diles and it totally broke the reputation of the livewires in my mind.
I have no choice but contact with TTVJ about this event and they replied me on 5/9.But they don`t reply me since after that.

Few days ago,i sent an e-mail to both livewires and TTVJ about the refund and they haven`t replied me at that moment.I check my credit card balance of this month,it doesn`t should any refund from either of them.
I have not choice but to expose this event and share my horrible experince of it.Now,i wholeheartedly seek for help from anyone in order to get back my money as sson as possible.Please share your point of view towards this event and also the solutions.I am so disappointed about the service from livewires and also the poor attitude from Mr.John Diles.I pledge for above things are 100%true.
I need you help.Please.
Ivan Kong

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Probable answsers

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