Are Bitcoins legal?

Hopefully, this falls under software so it's not in the wrong place.

I was just curious of the legal status of Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin).

I was actually considering getting in on it when I came across this article:

Am I missing something? These guys were arrested for simply selling bitcoins?

I mean, there are plenty of websites designed to link buyers with sellers of Bitcoin and you can purchase them in person in cash or through Paypal, etc.

I mean, if it's illegal, how are these sites not on the Darkweb?

This all seems kind of a mess to me. Anyone know anything about this?


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Probable answsers

Quote: Originally Posted by evilsofa No, bitcoins are not illegal. Money laundering is. There are things you can't do with money, whether that money is US Dollars ...

Sounds like you are describing some sort of ponzi scheme. Some reading: Moved the thread to general chats.

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