We will be at CES 2006!

I'm very pleased to announce that ATRACLife, a division of the Sony Voice Network, will be at the largest consumer electronics expo in the world - http://www.cesweb.org/about_ces/ (2006). This expo has seen the debut of many technologies, including the Minidisc, CD, DVD, Blue-Ray, etc. The majority of Sony's products for FY2006 will be on display, Sir Howard Stringer (CEO of Sony) will be holding a keynote, and much more.

In recent weeks, Sony’s management team has outlined a new vision of the company’s future. It is a vision that is streamlined in terms of product lines, manufacturing sites and efficiencies. As a representative of the community, I will seek answers to how the ATRAC codec will evolve and of course, the products that support it. No rumors, no run-around; just the truth.

To keep our true strength and status as a premium website for all things ATRAC, we must deliver truly differentiated, champion news stories that afford our visitors the unique, compelling and personalized experiences they desire. I look forward to visiting ces to ensure that there is no void in regards to information that is relevant to the format, and that together, we have a mature voice that will speak on behalf of the community.

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Probable answsers

Short one looks nice. They should get back to making itx motherboards again though.

I have the N770. Is the 2007 OS worth the upgrade. I mainly use my N770 for internet and email.

Oh Konttori, you rock! Thanks again. The huge fonts were really bugging me!!

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Really looking at upgrading...Just want to know would waiting be the better option?

Looks like Zotac is having a crack at short GPUs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqTxnVO0tWY It looks like it's 170mm, but nothing is confirmed. Another review here: http://www.tweaktown.com/news/42617/zotac-show-two-small-nvidia-geforce-gtx-970s-ces-2015/index.html ...

I've just finished the 1st quite complete version of NuvoTheme for 2006. It's not quite polished yet, but I thought to give people a chance to try it out in the spirit of 2006 beta. You can download it ...