Second Annual International Meet Travel Thread

We wanted to provide a place for people attending the meet to discuss travel arrangements, suggest carpools or otherwise coordinate their plans, so here it is.

Discount Air travel:

We have arranged for a "dedicated" travel agent, Rob Turner, who has all the necessary details of the meet (timing, location, etc.), so that he can assist Head-Fiers easily. He can obtain meeting and convention fares that are usually 10% off, and would be able to book group rates that have much better discounts for groups of 10 or more traveling to/from the same place at the same times. Many of those travelling from outside the Bay Area may want to plan side trips or arrange for accommodations other than the Radisson, so whatever your needs feel free to give Rob a call. He is located in Phoenix but knows this area very well. For full disclosure, Rob is my brother-in-law but he has no financial relationship with me, with the international meet or with Head-Fi.

Rob Turner
602.952.9955 Direct
602.952.2551 Fax
888.999.3885 Toll Free (In the U.S.)


If you want to propose a carpool, make a post. If you are driving and can offer rides, make a post. By posting them in this thread, people will know where to look if they are interested. If it makes sense, we can also move up the individual carpool posts to the top of the thread for easier tracking.

meet Details

Just as a convenience, here are the meet details and some basic directions for easy reference:

When: April 21-22, 2007

1471 North Fourth Street
San Jose, California 95112 USA

Reservations: (888) 201-1718
Telephone: (408) 452-0200
Fax: (408) 437-8819

Driving Directions - Radisson Hotel San Jose Airport:

From San Jose international Airport:
1: Start out going NORTHEAST on AIRPORT PKWY toward TECHNOLOGY DR.
2: Turn RIGHT onto OLD BAYSHORE HWY. 0.4 miles
3: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto N 4TH ST. 0.4 miles
4: End at 1471 N 4th St, San Jose, CA
Total Est. Time: 3 minutesTotal Est. Distance: 1.36 miles

From San Francisco international Airport:
1: Merge onto US-101 S. 32.5 miles
2: Take the BROKAW ROAD exit toward FIRST STREET. 0.2 miles
3: Merge onto OLD BAYSHORE HWY. 0.4 miles
4: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto N 4TH ST. 0.4 miles
5: End at 1471 N 4th St, San Jose, CA
Total Est. Time: 35 minutesTotal Est. Distance: 33.64 miles

Hotel Accommodations:

The room rates are now set for the Sleestack hotels, and Head-Fi members, vendors and guests can reserve rooms starting at 12:00 p.m. Pacific tomorrow, January 31, at both the Radisson San Jose Airport and the Best Western. The rates are going to be a MAXIMUM of $89 per night at the Radisson and $69 per night at the Best Western, and depending on a couple of factors, Sleestack may be able to LOWER the rates as we get closer to the event. The primary way we can get the rates lower is by having a large number of bookings for the Head-Fi event, which is how you need to identify yourselves when you make reservations. Anyone who reserves a room with the Head-Fi Discount will get the lowest discounted rate at the time of the stay--it doesn't matter how early you book the reservation.

Regular posted rates on the Radisson site may change or they may be limited in number. If you are able to get better rates at these hotels through third-party sites or memberships you might have, then congratulations. But, for those identifying themselves as part of the Head-Fi event, you will pay the maximum stated above and may pay less. Sleestack did his best to keep these rates down, and they are really quite excellent especially considering many rooms can be shared.

Here is the the contact and address information for both hotels:

Radisson Hotel San Jose Airport
1471 North Fourth Street
San Jose California 95112 , US
Reservations: (888) 201-1718
Telephone: (408) 452-0200
Fax: (408) 437-8819

Best Western Gateway Inn
2585 Seaboard Avenue
San Jose, California, 95131-1006, US
Phone: 408-435-8800
Fax: 408-435-8879
Toll Free Reservations: 800-437-8855

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