Vendors Attending the Second Annual International Meet

We are pleased to announce the first vendors who have confirmed they will be attending the international meet in San Jose and wowing us all with their wares! Last year's meet saw several important premiers -- the Grado GS-1000s, the RSA B-52, and Shure E500s just to name three -- so who knows what will be unveiled this year! There are more vendors in the works and we will announce them as they sign up. The other announcements to be added are the door prizes some or all of the vendors will be donating. All registered attendees will be eligible to win whether or not you are present.

So, here is the current list:

1. Headroom

2. Todd the Vinyl Junkie

3. SinglePower Audio

4. Ray Samuels Audio

5. Sennheiser

6. AKG

7. HeadAmp

8. V-Moda

9. Ultimate Ears

10. Shure

11. Audio Line Out

12. Head-Direct

13. Westone

14. Woo Audio

15. Audio Art Cables

16. Benchmark Media

17. Lavry Engineering

18. Stefan AudioArt

19. Ultrasone

20. RudiStor Sound Systems

21. Stax

22. Slim Devices

23. Empirical Audio

24. Reference Audio Mods

25. Crossroads Acoustics

26. Altec Lansing

27. KOSS Corporation

28. AAA Audio

There are a number more who are almost certainly coming, but just haven't completed the paperwork. Feel free to post up other vendors you'd like to see at the meet because it may be just the thing to convince them to be there!

More to come...

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