BeyerDynamic T50P Now in Stock **Save $50** only $299

t50p stock Version $349 $299
t50p with 10' Blue Dragon Headphone Cable w/ Furutech FP-704
Gold plated stereo 1/4" plug
: $450
t50p with 10' Black Dragon Headphone Cable w/ Furutech FP-704
Gold plated stereo 1/4" plug
: $475
t50p with 10' Silver Dragon Headphone Cable w/ Furutech FP-704
Gold plated stereo 1/4" plug
: $500
No charge for Neutrik 3.5mm Gold Plated mini
Add $25 for Neutrik Gold Plated XLRs
Add $125 for Furutech Topline Rhodium XLRs
Add or subtract $10/ft longer length Blue & Black Dragon
Add or subtract $15/ft for longer length Silver Dragon
• audiophile portable headphone
• Newest Tesla Technology with highest efficiency
• Perfect transient- and phasefidelity (32 Ohm voice coil)
• Outstanding neutral sound
• Including travel Bag
• Sound coupling to the ear: circumaural
• Headband pressure approx. 2.8 N
• Cable is 1.2 m, with mini plug
Transducer type
Operating principle
Frequency response
10Hz - 23,000kHz
Normal impedance
32 ohms
107 db(1mW / 500 Hz)
Max  SPL
127 db
Nominal THD
< 0,05% (1mW / 500 Hz)
Power Handling Cap.
Weight without cable
6.8 oz.
The T 50 p is an elegant listening machine. Its satin finish stainless steel and aluminium, together with parts made from high-quality plastic give it an exclusive appearance. Well thought-out details make mobile operation a real pleasure, starting with the tough nylon case and going on through the right angle plug that suits every iPhone to include many other features. The comfortable rotating ear casings rest on a spring steel headband that makes a reassuringly sound locking noise – just like the vehicle door of a German top-of-the-range saloon. You can be sure that loose gaps are not a feature of these exceptional “Handmade in Germany” headphones.

The full metal driver has particular acoustic benefits. Because of its solid casing, any vibration of adjacent components is reduced and it is not possible for resonances that distort the sound to be generated. At the same time, the metal shields the voice coil from electromagnetic fields like a Faraday cage. The special multi-level membrane contributes to the absorption of sound-disrupting break-up vibrations at their origin and the powerful magnet system assures high impulse fidelity in reproduction. The result is a more transparent and fresh sound, with powerful bass that is particularly enjoyable when out and about. The closed design of the headphones shields the wearer from excessive ambient noise and prevents the music from being heard from the outside.

Thus the T 50 p pays full tribute to its patron Nikola Tesla. But like the electrical cars from the USA, it will not share the same fate as the great inventor Tesla, who was not credited for many ideas and developments until after his death. We see the T 50 p driving ahead of its competitors right from day one. Thank You. Drew Baird, P.E. Moon Audio 308 Chrismill Lane Holly Springs, NC 27540 919-649-5018
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