Beyerdynamic Tesla T5p Preorder @ Moon Audio

beyerdynamic tesla t5p preorder starts today. Headphones are due in the US at the end of October.
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t5p Stock Version $1295 Shipped 2nd day UPS
t5p with 10' Blue Dragon Headphone Cable w Furutech FP-704 Gold plated stereo 1/4" plug: $1350
t5p  with 10' Black Dragon Headphone Cable w Furutech FP-704 Gold plated stereo 1/4" plug: $1400
t5p  with 10' Silver Dragon Headphone Cable w Furutech FP-704 Gold plated stereo 1/4" plug: $1450
Add $100 for Detachable Cable Modification (Not Available Yet)
No charge for Neutrik 3.5mm Gold Plated mini
Add $25 for Neutrik Gold Plated XLRs
Add $125 for Furutech Topline Rhodium XLRs
Add or subtract $10/ft longer length Blue & Black Dragon
Add or subtract $15/ft for longer length Silver Dragon

• Audiophile Portable Headphone
• Newest tesla Driver Technology with the highest efficiency
• Perfect transient- and phase fidelity (32 Ohm voice coil)
• Outstanding neutral and very natural sound
• Very high wearing comfort due to Leather ear- and
headband padding
• Symmetrical dble sided headphone cable with extension cable
• Including protective felt carrying bag.
• Sound coupling to the ear: circumaural
• Headband pressure approx. 2.8 N
Transducer type
Operating principle
Frequency response
5Hz - 50,000kHz
Normal impedance
32 ohms
102 db(1mW / 500 Hz)
Nominal THD
< 0,05% (1mW / 500 Hz)
Power Handling Cap.
Max. SPL
126 dB (300mW / 500 Hz)
Power Handling Cap.
Max. SPL
126 dB (300mW / 500 Hz)
Sound Coupling to Ear
1.2m (4ft.) double sided, extension cable 3m (10ft)
Weight without cable
Gold Plated Neutrik Rt. Angled 3.5mm Plug, Adapter 6.35mm, in flight adapter 2 x 3.5mm
Weight without cable
350 grams (12.3 oz.)
The T1 and t5p can be considered to be siblings, having the same background, and coming out of the same home. But as siblings do, at a certain point they will go into different directions to become separate personalities in their own right. The t5p is much more than just a “T1 with a short cable”. It has the same genes like the T1, but it will be a quite different headphone in terms of application, design and sound.
The point of origin for the sound of beyerdynamic's reference headphones is a natural and most convincing reproduction of human voices. It shall put the singer on the center stage and make him/her sound fantastic. If there’s magic in the voice… the headphone will make it sound magical. Same applies to instruments that take the “Role of a singer” like violins, cello, saxophone, etc. That is the basic concept behind the both, the t1 and the t5p and has been the starting point for going into different directions to serve the needs of home and mobile use…
The t5p was designed to be used by hifi enthusiasts “on-the-go”. On their way to work… during business trips… or while travelling in general. All are situations, being not in your accustomed “hifi environment” on your couch, but being away from home… sometimes even in a rush. It is meant to be THE mobile headphone for all people who aren’t satisfied, even with the highest class earbuds or on-ear headphones as they have a definite high-end approach when listening to music.
Environment & Partners of the t5p
The t5p will be driven out of mobile playback devices like iPod with limited
power, using compressed audio material like mp3s. This is a totally different
• Limited power to drive headphones
• Often a bit weak in terms of bass reproduction
• Compressed audio files tend to have high frequent artifacts which can
make them sound a bit harsh
Sound design of the t5p
For use with mp3 players we chose a different sound focus than within the T1. Mp3 players tend to sound a bit thin and harsh and perhaps you’re also in a different mood when you’re “on-the-go”. To accommodate with that, the t5p has a very rich and detailed treble response but doesn’t expose it as the T1 is allowed to do. This makes the t5p a very satisfying partner for an mp3 player as it will transduce all details with a definite high-end approach, but on the same hand takes care to not let them sound annoyingly harsh. In combination with that, the t5p will reproduce a recording with more substance. Not being anyway near a headphone with a “pushed bass response”, but it has the right touch of richness to the fundamental notes that makes music so much “fun”, even out of an mp3 player. Thank You. Drew Baird, P.E. moon audio 308 Chrismill Lane Holly Springs, NC 27540 919-649-5018
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